As a provider of technical outsourcing services, we know the steps you need to take to get the most return from your projects.  As we start a project, Yucopes makes sure we implement the 10 key steps to make sure your project is successful.


  1. Define clear project objectives and scope: Before we start coding anything, we need to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and define the project scope. This enables our development team focus on your goals and enables us to deliver a product that meets your expectations.


  1. Choose the right development partner: With Yucopes, you are selecting a software development company with a proven track record, relevant experience in your industry, and a strong portfolio. We make sure that we have the required technical expertise and resources to deliver a quality product, or we won’t take on the client.


  1. Establish effective communication channels: Open and regular communication is essential for success. We will set up communication tools, schedule regular meetings, and ensure that all parties are on the same page throughout the project.


  1. Use Agile methodologies: Yucopes leverages agile development methodologies to ensure iterative progress, continuous improvement, and flexibility. This will help you respond to changing requirements and make adjustments as needed, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.


  1. Set realistic deadlines: After establishing requirements and scope, we work to establish a reasonable timeline for project completion. This helps manage expectations, reduce stress, and allow the development team to deliver a high-quality product.


  1. Monitor progress and quality: We regularly review the progress of a project with your team to give them a chance to evaluate the quality of work delivered. We address issues or concerns immediately and utilize a constructive feedback loop to help the development team improve and stay on track.


  1. Invest in knowledge transfer: We ensure that your in-house team receives proper training and documentation on the outsourced software. This will help you maintain and enhance the product in the future, maximizing the return on your investment.


  1. Plan for post-launch support: Once a project is complete, we offer post-launch support and maintenance as required to make sure your systems remaining functional and up to date. This will ensure that any issues or bugs are addressed quickly.


  1. Intellectual property protection: You own your code and all associated copyrights where applicable. Additionally, we protect your intellectual property by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and ensuring strict security protocols. This will safeguard your proprietary information and technology.


  1. Evaluate ROI: After project completion, we will analyze the overall project to determine return on investment (ROI) by measuring overall costs vs current market conditions.

For more information on how to get started or capabilities, please email [email protected] to schedule a time.